Funny yet Profound Aphorisms (“Quotes”) #99

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elow are HALF of aphorisms of mine that I have published at least 5 WEEKS ago. Subscribe to my mailing list if you want to receive my NEW aphorisms, via EMAIL, a MONTH *before* I share them here 🧠

  1. To chase pleasure is to be chased by pain.
  2. Arrogance gives confidence … a bad name.
  3. Some women wish the pregnancy tests also told them who the fathers are.
  4. We prefer ourselves into unhappiness.
  5. Being boring is as likely as being interesting to make one impossible to forget.
  6. A restless mind makes a problem of a resting body.
  7. Some of the things we are trying to pray away were caused by some of our answered prayers.

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One Love ✊🏽


A writer of unforgettable aphorisms. Some are hilarious. Some are deep and thought-provoking. And most are both.

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