Funny yet Profound Aphorisms (“Quotes”) #98

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elow are HALF of aphorisms of mine that I have published at least 5 WEEKS ago. Subscribe to my mailing list if you want to receive my NEW aphorisms, via EMAIL, a MONTH *before* I share them here 🧠

  1. Appreciating what you have is the best cure for missing what you have lost.
  2. To plan is to hope … without feeling passive.
  3. When conversing, some people regularly stop talking, not to listen, but to rest their tongues.
  4. Horniness pretty much always oversells an orgasm.
  5. Men are born with nothing with which to buy. Women are born with something to sell.
  6. To live is to owe life to die.
  7. We ought to limit what we confidently say we will never do to what we cannot and will never be able to do.

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One Love ✊🏽


A writer of unforgettable aphorisms. Some are hilarious. Some are deep and thought-provoking. And most are both.

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