Funny yet Profound Aphorisms (“Quotes”) #95

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elow are HALF of aphorisms of mine that I have published at least 5 WEEKS ago. Subscribe to my mailing list if you want to receive my NEW aphorisms, via EMAIL, a MONTH *before* I share them here 🧠

  1. Like great ecologists, great pessimists make us see the beauty of death.
  2. The pleasure children get from playing is way more intense, and lasts way longer, than the one adults get from being paid.
  3. Some people are lucky to no longer be, and some are unlucky to still be, alive.
  4. Unfortunately, fools think that shouting makes their arguments convincing, or more convincing.
  5. Women work very hard to prevent or stop their sons from being manipulated by their women, like their sons’ fathers were or are being manipulated by their sons’ mothers.
  6. Money that was earned is way less slippery than money that was stolen, won, or inherited.
  7. Destroying your mirrors hides your ugliness or facial blemishes from only you.

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One Love ✊🏽


A writer of unforgettable aphorisms. Some are hilarious. Some are deep and thought-provoking. And most are both.

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