Funny yet Profound Aphorisms (“Quotes”) #94

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  1. It is through the child’s eyes and ears, not genes, that he or she gets, from his or her parents, things such as humility and intolerance.
  2. A truth whispered is not less truthful. And an untruth shouted is not less untruthful.
  3. Each and every event was unavoidable, and was avoidable only in theory. Even my realizing and my saying that, and your reading or hearing, and your agreeing or disagreeing with that.
  4. We get a taste of death, not when we’re asleep, but when we awake.
  5. The problem with pleasure is that it needs to be intermittent in order to retain its pleasantness.
  6. Time is merely an idea that we use to fill the gap between how things are and how they were.
  7. Some women look like their mothers’ mothers. Some look like they’re their mothers’ mothers.

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