Funny yet Profound Aphorisms (“Quotes”) #93

an aphorism by mokokoma mokhonoana
an aphorism by mokokoma mokhonoana

elow are HALF of aphorisms of mine that I have published at least 5 WEEKS ago. Subscribe to my mailing list if you want to receive my NEW aphorisms, via EMAIL, a MONTH *before* I share them here 🧠

  1. Poverty is greatly exaggerated by sanity.
  2. A huge part of culture is the painting of a particular degree or kind of foolishness as wisdom, by at least the vast majority of a particular group of fools … or mostly fools.
  3. The absence of doubt is not necessarily a sign of the presence of truth.
  4. Perception is projection.
  5. Some attempts to understand something or someone are like trying to figure out how an engine of a car works by dissecting a tyre.
  6. Fashion hides, or diverts attention away from, our uniqueness.
  7. Not being in the present moment is no less foolish than looking forward to the past.

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Want more? Here are some of my collections of aphorisms: F for Philosopher, A for Anthropocentrism, and N for the N-Word.

One Love ✊🏽


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