• Bruce Michael

    Bruce Michael

    SEO, Social Media, Internet Marketing and a Design Lover and works in these field in a Professional level till some extend.

  • Selene Shah

    Selene Shah

    Talent, Learning & Culture at the @immedia ecosystem. Passionate about people, progress and pretty Durban days

  • Bridget O. Menyeh

    Bridget O. Menyeh

    Currently write as a hobby though I feel that might change sometime in the future.I will be back to update when that happens.

  • miguel manrique

    miguel manrique

    Autor de La mirada enferma, Disturbio, San Mateo y el ángel, Ellas se están comiendo al gato y Salomón Lerner. Empezar de nuevo.

  • opebamiduro


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